Rocol S.A.

ROCOL S.A. develops activities in the frame of Free-Trade-Zone Law No. 15921 in Uruguay. This law provides operating and fiscal benefits for goods as well as for companies that use the System, offering the chance of undertaking all kinds of industrial, commercial or service activities.

Specifically, ROCOL S.A. is a user (as required by law) of Florida Free-Trade Zone S.A., located in the city of Florida, 100 km. from Montevideo. The company focuses in the areas of services and goods storage, offering:

- Storage
- Stacking
- Classification
- Selection
- Disassembly
- Stock control
- Handling
- Inspection
- Invoicing
- Entrance / Exit management

ROCOL S.A. is the one link in the Group Chain that proposes a different alternative to Foreign Trade Operations on the basis of a treatment of goods that allows for their permanent availability and is duty exempt.

Dirección Cerrito 425 - CP 11000
Montevideo, Uruguay
Teléfono Tel.:  (+598)  2916 9043 to 47
Fax.: (+598)  2916 1116